Little-Known Ways We Attract More Open House Guests

Little-Known Ways We Attract More Open House Guests

  • Ivonne Payes
  • 04/4/23

As a tranquil, affluent community, Winnetka has been attracting new residents for years with its gorgeous natural scenery and elegant homes. Whether it's the stunning beaches and mountains just moments away, the myriad shopping and dining options nearby, or the abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation, there is something for everyone in Winnetka. And as more people are looking to buy property here, the demand for houses is rising, too.

If you are contemplating selling your Winnetka home, you’ve come to the right place. With its excellent location and fantastic amenities, there's no doubt that your property will be snapped up quickly in this beautiful and thriving neighborhood.

If you are planning your listing and your first open house, there are many ways to attract more people to your open house. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the lesser-known methods that you can use to draw in more guests and garner attention. Some of these tactics may surprise you, but they are all effective ways to get more prospective buyers through the door!

1: Notify the neighbors

When you're hosting an open house, the goal is usually to gather as many visitors as possible. After all, the more people who walk through your home, the better your chances of finding potential buyers.

However, there's one crucial step that many homeowners often overlook: communicating with their neighbors before the open house. By informing nearby residents about increased traffic and allowing them to plan ahead, you can attract even more guests to your event. This is because neighbors will likely help spread the word about your open house and may even stop by themselves if they're interested in checking out your property. With a bit of foresight and preparation, getting the word out about an upcoming open house can be an effective way to increase foot traffic in your home.

2: Host a live stream of the open house

The next of our open house tips for sellers is to get more people through the door by using a live stream on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

A live stream will promote your event and also allow interested parties from around the world to take a closer look at your property without having to attend in person. This is a great way to generate buzz and get more potential buyers calling for more information.

Additionally, a live stream allows you to engage with potential attendees on a real-time basis, giving you the opportunity to answer questions or provide additional information that may help you close the sale. When it comes down to it, hosting a live stream of your open house can be an incredibly effective way to maximize interest and boost attendance numbers.

3: Have the home professionally staged

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Professionally staging each space can do wonders for attracting more open house guests. Effective staging creates a sleek, polished look that buyers are drawn to, with a neutral appeal that invites buyers to take a closer look. Staging sets a scene of functionality and warmth within each room, with an organized, coordinated sense of style and allure that buyers will connect to. Staging helps your home look truly amazing in both listing photographs and open houses.

4: Offer a “VIP sneak peek”

Offering a VIP sneak peek to your email or social media followers can be an excellent way to attract more open house guests to your Winnetka home. By giving your followers an insider's look at the property before it officially goes live on the market, you create excitement and generate interest in the open house. This can help to draw in potential buyers who may not have otherwise attended or even known about the event. Additionally, getting potential buyers excited ahead of time ensures that they are ready and willing to take action when they finally get a chance to explore the property in person. Ultimately, offering a VIP preview gives you a valuable opportunity to engage with your audience and build relationships that can help boost your bottom line. So, if you're looking for new ways to attract open house guests, don't forget about offering a VIP sneak peek!

5: Plan a full day of back-to-back open houses with other listings

Planning a full day of back-to-back open houses can be a great way to attract more potential homebuyers. Whether you're showcasing your own listings or those of other agents, it's important to make sure that the schedule for your open house is well-planned and carefully thought out, coordinating with other open houses in your neighborhood. This creates a convenient opportunity for buyers to attend your open house just before or after others’.

At the same time, it's also important to consider your target audience. Are you hoping to attract families with young children or perhaps older couples who have been looking for a retirement home? Tailoring your content and style to match these preferences can help ensure that you cover all of your bases and reach as many potential homebuyers as possible. With careful planning and execution, coordinating back-to-back listings can be an excellent way to land new leads and close more deals.

6: Partner with local businesses

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One effective way to garner the most interest in your open house is by partnering with local businesses with a strong following in your area. This may involve offering services such as catering, having art on display at the event, or giving out samples. Businesses will typically be happy to partner with you in exchange for exposure to their customers and followers, creating a mutually beneficial relationship that can help drive traffic to your open house. By partnering with key players in your community and approaching them strategically, you can ensure that you will receive maximum exposure and gain all the benefits of a successful event.

Ready to get started on your selling journey?

With these top open house tips for sellers in mind, you can generate excitement and interest in your Winnetka home. If you want to get the ultimate results, team up with only the best. Reach out to trusted local agent Ivonne Payes of the Payes Homes team to get started on your journey to success.

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